Members of Rotary Club of Woodbridge-Perth Amboy rallied in February to collect food for the Woodbridge Township “Have-A-Heart” Food Drive Challenge, which replenishes pantries after the holidays every year.
A list of the most needed pantry items--tea, jelly, canned fruit, pancake mix, sugar and breakfast items, was e-mailed to Rotarians.  Club members shopped, made some phone calls and gathered at the Woodbridge Library on Wednesday, February 24th, to offer the donation to Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac, who presented a certificate of appreciation to Rotary Club President, Elroy Darden.  Councilwoman and Rotarian Nancy Drum brought a donation and spoke a few words, and We Feed Woodbridge Director Peter Barcelona thanked the Club and mentioned Rotary support of the food pantries over the years.
Woodbridge Township runs the “Have-A-Heart” Food Drive every year in February.  Township businesses, retail food service outlets, hospitality industry, corporate businesses and offices, community associations, schools and residents to donate 214 pounds of food or contribute $214.00 to assist Woodbridge food pantires continue their work providing food and meals to less fortunate residents and the homeless.  The 2021 “Have-A-Heart” challenge is encouraged throughout the year.