Members of Rotary Club of Woodbridge-Perth Amboy collected nearly 600 lbs of food for the Woodbridge Township “Have-A-Heart” Food Drive Challenge, which replenishes local pantries after the holidays every year.  This year, each Rotarian gathered food from the list of items most needed by local pantries.
Woodbridge Township runs the “Have-A-Heart” Food Drive every year in February.  Township businesses, retail food service outlets, hospitality industry, corporate businesses and offices, community clubs and associations, scouts, schools and residents donate 214 pounds of food or contribute $214.00 to assist Woodbridge food pantires continue their work providing food and meals to less fortunate residents and the homeless.  
Information about the Woodbridge Township pantries, and We Feed Woodbridge, the organization that supports local families through the pantries, please visit the Township website by clicking HERE.